January 26, 2022

Mitchell and Riyan's paper is published in Frontiers in Physiology!

Nov 30, 2021
Quynh was selected for GAANN fellowship!!

September 10, 2021

Christian successfully completed Master's degree in neuroscience!

June, 2021
Diana was accepted into a medical school!!!

May 17, 2021

Mitchell joined the lab as a postdoc!

January 22, 2021
Quynh successfully passed her qualifying exam in the neuroscience graduate program at UCR!

December 2, 2020

Your nose could be the key to getting fit, a study in mice suggests

December 1, 2020

This could be the key to getting you to go to the gym more, according to science

November 25, 2020

Sniffing your way to the gym

November 25, 2020
Quynh's paper was published in PLOS ONE!